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No Shortcuts - Study Permit Requirements for Elementary and Secondary School Students

December 2018

Last June I did a consultation appointment for a family who wished to apply for study permits for their two children. One was an elementary school student, and the other was a secondary school student. The family was in Canada as visitors.  They had been accepted by the school board they applied to.  The school board advised that they could study in Canada for the month of June, without a study permit.  When they came to see me, the children had already been attending classes for two weeks.

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Birthright Citizenship: A Case of a Solution Needing a Problem

September 2018

I consider myself to be a mild-mannered person. Living with teenagers has required learning the patience of Job. It is rare that I find myself hot under the collar about something.  But the issue of birthright citizenship is one that really sticks in my craw. 

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