Ronalee Carey Law’s Newsletter Wins a Clawbie

by Ronalee Carey Law

January 2022


We’ve been publishing a monthly newsletter since July 2013.  We have over a hundred publications.  The most famous, Today I Become a ‘Zero’, was quoted by an IRCC panellist during the 2016 Canadian Bar Association’s spring conference.  After we knew it was being read by IRCC staff, we started including policy suggestions in many posts. 

In December, I reached out to a few colleagues, cap in hand, asking if they would nominate our newsletter for the Canadian Law Blog (Clawbies) Awards.  

I am pleased to announce that we won! 

Best Newsletters

Over the last few years, email newsletters have been gaining popularity as a medium. These three winning publications are must-subscribes, but also reside online for the benefit of future searchers. 

Ronalee Carey Law Newsletter 
Ronalee Carey’s monthly newsletter has many fans, who praise its accessibility, timeliness and wit. From the nominations: “It’s quoted/shared internally by IRCC because it’s that good.”

2021 Award Winner Clawbies (white writing on a red background): Canadian Law Blog Awards (darker red writing on a lighter red background).