Getting to Ronalee Carey Law on Ottawa's new LRT

September 2019

After years of construction and interminable delays, Ottawa’s new light rail transit system is finally operational. Our offices are a mere 350 metres from the Lyon station, which is located at the corner of Lyon and Queen streets.

All of us at Ronalee Carey Law use OC Transpo to get to work.  Reviews of the train are generally positive, but shorter members of our staff have noticed the overhead bars are outside of reach. We’ve noted the odd smell that OC Transpo is investigating. However, the ride is smooth and quick. We’re hoping it will be more reliable than busing in snowy winter conditions.  

Bicycles are always permitted, in the first car. One of our associates is especially happy about this, because it’s opened the amount of Ottawa which can be accessed by cycling.

Bussing services from the end of the line have been problematic. Trains discharge hundreds of passengers, who all then want to get on their commuter buses home. Hopefully after bussing schedules are changed on October 6th, this will improve.

There are limited options for park and ride, which is a major hurdle for individuals living outside the city.

Ottawa is growing up! So many of our outside-Canada clients plan to move to Toronto or Vancouver. Housing prices in these cities are skyrocketing, and especially in Toronto, commuter times are very long for those who want to live outside of the core, where housing is more affordable. Ottawa is an alternative to be considered.

If you have a scheduled appointment with one of our lawyers, we suggest you plan your route prior to commuting. You can plan your trip to our office at the OC Transpo website: