Update your Express Entry profile now to get additional points

November 2016

On November 19th, changes were made to how points are calculated under the Express Entry application management system.  You can read more about this here:  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/media/notices/2016-11-19.asp


If you have an Express Entry profile, you may need to provide additional information in order to take advantage of additional points that are available to those who have studied in Canada, or who have worked in Canada under specific kinds of work permits.


Immigration is not sending out notifications to applicants to advise them that they need to do this.


In addition, technical issues with the website prevented the updates from being submitted. It is only today that the website seems to be accepting the updates. 


If you have graduated from a Canadian college or university, this is what you need to do:

  • Login to your MyCIC account.

  • In the line for your Express Entry application, click ‘check status and messages’.

  • Click ‘view submitted application’ (bottom of the page, left side).

  • Check to see if any of the sections say ‘in progress’. If so, click ‘continue form’.

  • Where it is the ‘study and languages’ section that says ‘in progress’, click that section, then go to the ‘education history’ section. Click ‘modify’ for the line with your Canadian education.

You will then see these questions, which you will need to answer:


When you are done answering the questions, click ‘save and add’. Then, at the bottom of the screen (left side), a link for ‘continue’ should appear.  This will allow you to electronically sign and submit the update.  Your points will then be automatically increased, but it may take hours or days for the change to appear in your profile.


The process for adding information about work done in Canada under specific types of work permits will be similar. You can get additional points if the name of your employer is listed on your work permit.  Your employer must be offering you a job for at least one year’s duration after you become a permanent resident, and you must have a letter from them about this.  In addition, your work permit must have was issued on the basis of:

  • a free trade agreement (such as NAFTA)

  • an intra-company transfer

  • because your position provided a ‘significant benefit’ to Canada

  • because your position provided a ‘significant investment’ to Canada

  • the Mobilité Francophone program

  • it provided reciprocal employment opportunities to Canada in your country

  • under the International Experience Canada Young Professionals Program

  • was a religious or charitable nature work permit OR

  • was one of certain post-doctoral research and other education based work permits


If the every-second-Wednesday pattern for draws from the Express Entry program continues, then a draw can be expected on Wednesday, November 30th.  Speculation is ripe about what the score will be, now that the amendments to the points system are in place.  Anyone want to lay a bet?