Finally, relief for international students: Changes to the Express Entry system announced

November 2016

Way back in April, I attended the Canadian Bar Association’s annual national immigration law conference. Our Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, John McCallum, knew that the Express Entry application management system wasn’t quite working out how the department was expecting.  At a luncheon address, he advised those of us in the crowd that changes to the way ‘points’ were allocated to applicants would be changing.  International students, he said, would be one group who would benefit from the changes. 

So, for over six months, I’ve been meeting with potential Express Entry applicants and telling them that the points system would change. In mid-October, I heard that the changes would be in November.  Two weeks ago, I stopped doing consultations for most potential clients – what was the point when everything was about to change!

Yesterday, the changes were finally announced and you can read them in all their complexity here:

Ministerial Instructions Amending the Ministerial Instructions Respecting the Express Entry System, 2016-1

How will the 2017 Canadian Immigration Levels Plan affect Express Entry Scores?

November 2016

The 2017 Immigration Levels Plan has been announced.  These ‘levels’ are the numbers of permanent resident applications Canada plans to approve during 2017.  The numbers are broken down based on the type of application (family reunification programs, economic immigration programs, and refugees/humanitarian cases.)  The number of applications in each category will impact processing times; the more space in the category, the more staff that will be assigned to process those applications. 

Immigration lawyer by day, basketball mom by night:

Evenings at the Carey household are a wind whirl of activity. Our dog Cleo waits by the front door, hoping someone will take her for a walk.   The child whose turn it is to do the dishes grumbles by the sink.   The child who is rushing to get to a basketball practice, wearing Adidas flip flops even in the dead of winter, fights over the tap to fill a water bottle.  A third child sits at the family computer, pretending to do homework while actually texting friends on an iPod hidden behind a textbook.

Let’s move to Canada! Ok, but where?

Choosing a Province with a Provincial Nominee Program for You

August 2016

I recently took a trip to Prince Edward Island (‘PEI’) with my family. For those of you wondering, PEI is an island located off of Canada’s east coast. It is amongst a cluster of provinces we call ‘the Maritimes’.

My Ideal Client

June 2016

Whenever I read materials on marketing, I'm always told to try to identify my 'ideal client'. Apparently, once I start focusing on taking ‘ideal clients’, my business will flourish like never before.

So I’ve been thinking: What kind of client would be the most profitable for an immigration lawyer like myself?

Why do we have a cap on spousal sponsorship applications?

May 2016


In our modern world, falling in love with someone from a different country is becoming as common as striking up a romance with a cute next door neighbour. With the help of the internet, Skype, and (sometimes) affordable travel options, it is becoming much easier to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Long-distance love is not without difficulties. Telephone conversations must be planned around time differences.  Meeting each other’s friends and families requires an airplane and time off work.  But for those who have fallen love with a Canadian, the biggest test of the relationship occurs after the decision is made to join their partner in Canada.